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Latest Version: v2.5.3

Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

Retro Horror Game Template for Unity


The Retro Horror Template is a comprehensive framework for Unity that simplifies the design and creation of horror games using classic mechanics from the PSX/N64 era. This template provides a wide range of features to help developers recreate the nostalgic and immersive experience of classic survival horror games.

Key Features

Camera System
- Fixed camera system for a classic horror game feel

- Pre-rendered background support
- Mapping system and editor for level design
- Global storage box and local containers for item management

### Player Movement
- Tank and alternate player movement styles
- 180-degree turn mechanic
- Look at points of interest

Gameplay Mechanics
- Classic door transition system
- Extendable door locks and cross-scene doors
- Interactable objects
- Inventory system with item examination
- Extendable inventory combinations
- Document reading
- Points of interest and interactions with multiple choices
- Surface detection with dynamic footsteps VFX/SFX
- Actor state system
- Object push mechanic

- Combat system for ranged and melee attacks
- Auto-aiming with target toggle
- Vertical aiming
- Weapon reload
- Status monitor
- Low-health animations and movement reduction
- Included weapons: gun, shotgun, assault rifle, and knife
- Attack combos

Player Abilities
- Simple cinematic player
- Ladder climbing
- Obstacle climbing
- Enemy grabs and finishers

Audio and Visuals
- Music handling system

- Keyboard and gamepad support


With the Retro Horror Template, developers can easily create immersive and nostalgic horror games that capture the essence of classic survival horror titles. The template provides a wide range of features and mechanics, allowing developers to focus on crafting compelling gameplay experiences and narratives.

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